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Unlocking Digital Potential

Small Business Britain and BT have been working throughout the COVID-19 pandemic on supporting small businesses and growing their digital skills. This has had a profound and positive impact on businesses across the UK, unlocking huge potential and opening up opportunities to help businesses weather the crisis and move forward with confidence in 2022.

However, there remains much opportunity within the small business community to really supercharge digital ambition: small businesses could do more with the right connectivity; more businesses could do much more with digital to support their growth; many businesses do not have equality of opportunity and access to the right support and guidance; many businesses are held back by lack of time or resource, fear of failure, overwhelm at the scale of the digital eco-system and often confidence to push forwards into unproven or unknown territory.

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This report, Unlocking Digital Potential, delivered in partnership with BT, demonstrates how digital has helped businesses grow, with practical advice and tips for businesses to take those next steps to grow and realise their business potential. The report looks at what holds businesses back, and crucially uncovers ways to overcome those barriers in the right way for each business.

Small businesses have unique needs, often needing a micro solution to a micro problem. As part of this report and their ongoing work, BT and Small Business Britain are working on ensuring that businesses can find the right way forward for them and their business, really unlocking the UK’s potential through the phenomenal power of digital skills.

Download the report today to discover more about how small businesses are making the most of their potential and to discover practical solutions to drive digital ambition. This is an opportunity for small businesses and others to get the benefit of the experience of thousands of their peers in a format that can be picked up again and again throughout 2022.

Launch Event Seminar

10th May, 2022