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Welcome to Small Business Britain's How To Guides series, created based on the most frequently asked questions we get from small business owners. Our experts share exact step by step guides filled with practical advice to propel your business forward. This series covers everything from how to work with influencers, how to decide the legal structure of your business, how to get a website and so much more! Watch the video series below.

How to get started on social media
How to create a brand people actually care about
How to work with influencers
How to set up branded email
How to Maximise Your Local Marketing
How to keep on top of your numbers and accounts
How to get an accountant and bookkeeper
How to register for self-employed with HMRC
How to decide when to register for VAT
How to get a website
How to get a web domain
How to learn SEO basics for your website
How to make a business plan
How to get productive
How to be more resilient in business
How to recruit for your business