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Small Business Britain is proud to host Netwalks in 12 locations across the UK, in partnership with B.T.

Netwalks, created by Small Business Britain and led by engaging local small businesses, give you a chance to get out of your usual workplace and meet up with other local businesses. Share ideas and experiences, build your small business support network and make time to walk and talk.

The Netwalks allow you to take some time for self-care, to enjoy some fresh air and a change of scenery and to help self-manage your mental health wellness.

Netwalks take place each month in our 12 locations and you can pick and choose whichever you would like to join. The walks are planned to be accessible, in well-lit spaces and in the day time. We end each walk with a stop at an independently owned coffee shop where the refreshments are on us, enjoy a coffee and a cake and carry on those conversations.

Fetch the dogs, fetch the children – we know that the small business world can be unpredictable, just like real life. If you’re not up to the walk but would still like to join the group then sign up and meet us at the coffee shop.

Netwalk program will include:

  • Monthly walks for small business owners to join, each ending at a local and independently owned cafe or coffee shop.
  • The chance to get outside and get active, with other small businesses owners.
  • All businesses signed up to the Netwalks will be invited to join the private Facebook group to network with other participants and share experiences and questions.

Before applying, please ensure you read and understand our Disclaimer.

Upcoming Walks

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If you would like more information about netwalks or to get more involved with supporting small businesses in 2023, please do get in touch at [email protected]