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How To Grow 2023

As part of Small Business Britain and TSB's work over the last five years to uncover the real role of small businesses in communities and the economy, the Small Business: How To Grow report will take an in-depth look at how small businesses have overcome significant challenges over the last few years, started to rebuild, and are now to the future - a guide to how to grow as a business in 2023.

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This report will look to understand how businesses have managed the challenges of the last year, the ongoing difficulties of managing costs and unexpected challenges, and how they are looking to the future and thinking about growth. It will examine what steps have been taken to keep the business going, adaptions ("pivots") made, any support received and what can make a difference to growth as a business. In particular, it will look at how businesses can maintain confidence in a difficult climate.

Tips on growing as a small businesses will be shared throughout the winter right here, social media and press to help other businesses find ways forward and grow in hope and ambition.

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If you have a moment to complete this survey to let us know your thoughts it would be much appreciated - we know how busy small businesses are!

Thanks to TSB for their continued support of this research.

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