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People For Business

People for Business from Small Business Britain & Indeed

At the heart of all small businesses are people: the founder, employees, networks of friends, family, community, customers and suppliers, all of which make up the dynamic small business landscape in the UK.

The people in your small business are critical, they are the driving force behind your success, contributing their expertise, passion, and commitment to the growth of your venture. They represent your brand, business ethos and customer relations on a daily basis.

We often are told by small businesses that hiring their first member of staff is the most terrifying, stressful moment in their growth: sharing their dream and their passion with another person for the first time comes with risk and responsibility.

The right individuals bring diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, and a collaborative spirit, fostering an environment of creativity and adaptability. By carefully selecting, nurturing and leading the right people involved in your business - you will have the ability to create a sustainable, strong and thriving small business that can overcome challenges in the ever-evolving economy.

This programme from Small Business Britain & Indeed has been created to help small businesses hire with confidence and to help the navigate the highs and lows of hiring. The goal of this programme is to shine a light on how to find, hire, retain and celebrate People for Business!

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We're thrilled to share that as part of this programme, Indeed are kindly offering our community of small businesses £100 sponsored credit to help you along your hiring journey, helping you find the right fit for your team, fast. The credit is automatically added to your Indeed account when created.

"As a small business owner, wearing every hat is inevitable, but scaling up requires bringing the right people on board"

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