Sustainability Basics Programme

Small Business Britain is excited to launch the Sustainability Basics programme, in partnership with Oxford Brookes Business School, to help small businesses make the most of the opportunities of sustainability.

This free programme (and community of like minded businesses) will give each entrepreneur the basics they need to supercharge their sustainability planning, reduce their impact on the planet, and turn their sustainability plans into fantastic commercial advantage. Make sure you register your interest for the September Sustainability Basics!

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The programme will include:

  • Six Weekly Training Sessions delivered as webinars, recorded and available for catch up on a dedicated page on the Small Business Britain website.
  • Six Weekly Worksheets designed as a PDF and sent to all participants to take back to their business with four actions to address per week. These will also be available to download and catch up from the Small Business Britain website.
  • Six Weekly Challenges: each week all participants will be emailed the weekly challenge which will also be shared on the Sustainability Basics Facebook Group by that week’s “lead” trainer and participants will be encouraged to share their challenge outcomes on the group to inspire others and get support.
  • A community for all participants will be created on Facebook for networking, support and on-going raising of questions and challenges.
    • All businesses signed up to the programme will be invited to the private Facebook Group to network with other participants, course leaders and to share experiences and questions. At the end of the course, all participants will be invited to a real-world event at Oxford Brookes Business School to meet each other, network, get more advice on next steps and embed the impact of the programme. They will then be part of an on-going sustainability alumni community
  • At the end of the course, all participants will receive a virtual certificate and digital "badge" to say they have completed Sustainability Basics for their business.
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In partnership with Oxford Brookes Business School

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