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Small Business & The Cost-Of-Living Crisis Header

Small Business & The Cost-Of-Living Crisis

Over the first half of 2023, it has been our pleasure at Small Business Britain to work with the Amazon Small Business Accelerator to engage with small businesses and policy makers around the country on the challenges and opportunities of the cost-of-living crisis.

This has involved online training, sharing advice on how to sell during a crisis; it has included face-to-face breakfast events all the way up in Scotland and across to Grimsby; it has also included a programme of one-to-one mentoring for small businesses to have a great opportunity to get expert help at a critical time.

This has given us many opportunities to hear directly from small businesses about the challenges they are facing. It has also given us excellent insight into how they are addressing those challenges, and what more they need this year and in the future.

Part of this work was to ask small businesses what they are looking for from the government, and it makes for interesting reading. Businesses at their heart want the freedom to run their businesses and thrive. Freeing them up from hurdle after hurdle will enable this growth. And that is going to be the critical focus for 2023 and beyond.

We invite you to read our insights report into Small Business and the Cost-Of-Living Crisis.

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