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Who We Are

Small Business Britain is the UK’s leading champion of small businesses, supporting all 5.8 million small businesses in the UK – no matter their location, their sector, or their ambition level.

Through a series of reports, events and campaigns, Small Business Britain champions, inspires and accelerates small businesses in the UK to foster growth and increased confidence.

Small Business Britain has campaigned for and championed small business interests since 2016. For years, we have brought people together in communities to uplift them through events, campaigns and reports that recognise the true value of small businesses. Small Business Britain will build on these years of dedicated and vital work that has seen us and Michelle Ovens CBE recognised as an important champion of small businesses by all political parties.

How To Be Resilient

The Small Business Resilience report is the latest in a series that has covered the last three years of small business. Small Business Resilience uncovers what it is taking for small businesses to get through the COVID-19 crisis, what makes small businesses resilient in a climate like this, and what other businesses can adopt to ensure their survival and future growth, through this and any future crisis. The report incorporates insight from thousands of small businesses and experts and acts as a guide to How To Be Resilient: Lessons on surviving a crisis.

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Listen to The Small Business Britain Podcast! Each episode we meet an inspiring small business owner to share their story, insight and experience. Join us as we delve behind the scenes of businesses of all kinds, and learn with us along the way about every aspect of entrepreneurship.

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The campaign to tell the inspiring stories of businesses led by entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds, to raise their profile, and ensure their successes are celebrated across the economy not as a minority, but for the incredible value they bring in their own right.

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